MBA for Music & Creative Industries

For experienced business managers and future business leaders from all segments of the music & creative industries. This innovative flexible programme is structured to allow you to continue working full time. It connects your learning to current global and relevant organisational issues whilst also benefiting from other industry perspectives.

This MBA programme has been developed in collaboration with an international team of executives from across the music and creative industries.  It is built upon the Henley Flexible Executive MBA programme, and enhanced with a bespoke programme of workshops and presentations from leading individuals and companies in the music and creative industries to meet the specific needs of international business professionals.

A dynamic steering committee together with leading business professionals and Henley Academics have created the content and the supportive environment for this programme.

The Henley MBA for Music and Creative Industries has been designed around the core Henley Flexible Executive MBA. Specially tailored workshops for the music and creative industries have been incorporated into the core modules to enhance learning and have been designed to involve industry and focus on key issues of the day. This ensures that the MBA programme is relevant to this creative, innovative and entrepreneurial business sector by covering areas such as:

  • IP Management and copyright development    
  • Brand sponsorship, branded content and value creation    in the music and creative industries    
  • Evaluation and analysis of business models and    alternative funding options and their impact on stakeholders    
  • International policy, regulation and leadership in    the creative sector    
  • International business, global strategies and market opportunities in a dynamic, often disruptive and frequently convergent market

The programme aims to:

  • Develop and enhance the skills of future music and    creative industry leaders and innovators    
  • Help direct strategic energy and insight, to reflect    on business models, decision making and business challenges    
  • Lead creative and innovative businesses in a way that welcomes and supports responsible leadership; a key trait of the Henley MBA.

The programme is structured to allow you to continue working in full-time employment while studying part time, connecting your learning to current global, international and organisational issues within the business community and the music industry.

Who is this MBA for?

The MBA is intended to appeal to those in all areas of business responsibility across the broader music and creative industries to include: Business managers, industry executives, middle or senior management, owner managers, heads of departments, those responsible for building or leading teams, creative managers, from SMEs to major corporations.

Creative Dynamics

This is an innovative new series developed to provide engagement with industry on cutting edge topics throughout the creative sector.  MBA students for the Music & Creative Industries get full access to these events.

These events are for SME’s and corporates designed for middle and senior management across the creative industries. They allow for the development of new insights, strategic discussions and new perspectives to be discussed in a positive environment.

Events to date:

Managing for Disruptive Innovation - white paper available

Music & Brand partnerships – report available

Building business performance through managing creativity.

Opportunities in Branded content – report available.

Tuning in - Leadership and Strategy in the Digital Economy.

Marketing with Byte(s) - Analytics with Attitude - report available

Course content

  • Leadership and Personal Development (3 days) + Music & Creative Industries (M&CI) in Context – The challenge ahead (1 day)
  • Managing Processes & Systems (2 days) + (M&CI) Adding structure and process to creative chaos (1 day)
  • Managing Financial Resources (2 days) + (M&CI)   A financial and strategic analysis of changing business models(1 day)
  • Managing People (2 days), Personal Development (1 day) + (M&CI) Managing Creatives – Building business performance through managing creativity (1 day)
  • 14 days in total.
  • Strategy (2 days), Research Skills (1 day) + (M&CI)   Leading strategic change in an innovation led economy  (1 day)
  • International Business (2 days) + (M&CI) Building an international business strategy and ‘Rights’ management touch points (1 day)
  • Strategic Marketing (2 days), Personal Development (1 day) + (M&CI) Power of marketing connections (1 day)
  • Reputation and Responsibility (2 days) + (M&CI)  Guest keynote speaker & networking lunch ½ day 
  • 13 1/2 days in total
  • Leadership and Change (1 1/2 days) + Personal Development (1 day)
  • Elective module (online) or International Study Visit (7 days)
  • Management Research Challenge (2 days) + closing networking dinner with industry guests

Fact File

Programme Length:
30 months part-time

Optional Stage 3 study visit not included within the above price. Please allow approximately £2,500 plus your flights and Visa costs.

March 2016

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